Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This morning, as soon as my son left for preschool, my daughter found his "hero" attire and dressed herself.  Eye mask and red cape on, swooping, galloping, flying across our house she went, back and forth, back and forth.  Never tiring, always smiling, she was searching for anyone who needed some saving.

True confessions...when I was little, I used to wear my Wonder Woman underoos and do my own swooping across our neighborhood.  I wore my red, white, blue, and gold proudly.  I didn't care that it was only underwear.  I felt powerful!  WW to the rescue!   

What's up with kids and their desire to be superheroes? 

A little later today, as we unpacked my son's backpack, we found the orange trick-or-treat unicef box.  Both kids were intrigued.  I explained that you may use the box to collect money when you are out soliciting candy on Halloween.  Then I read the back of the box: 

$0.07 provides 50 kids with safe water for a day

$2 buys 1 liter of therapeutic milk

$19 buys 3 mosquito nets to protect kids from malaria

$257 provides an emergency classroom kit for 40 kids

$500 buys a water pump for a whole community

Andrew wanted me to get his bank for him.  He emptied the contents and started to put the money in the unicef box.  Several times, I asked him if he was sure he wanted to part with his money.  All he wanted to know was whether his money could purchase the set of malaria nets.  "Yes, let's do it mommy."

What's up with kids and their desire to be superheroes?

And why is being a superhero less attractive to me now that I'm adult?  When encountered with an opportunity to give, I typically first think about all that I could lose, and not so much about all I could give...and what that giving could mean for someone else. 

Do they make underoos for grown-ups?


  1. Awe, this made me cry. Andrew has such a big heart! Go Andrew and Natalie! (And Lori!)

  2. Great entry, Lori. I love WW too!

    I think that being a superhero is less attractive as an adult because, as we mature, we come into contact with unsavory characters and situations. We become jaded by the corruption and greed that exists in the world. Children believe in the pure nature and goodness of others. But adults know that there is more to it than that. And I think that is an unfortunate truth. And it gives rise to situations where people, through no fault of their own, fall through the cracks and don't get the help they need. Being an adult is too complicated! :( But I know that you and Dave are giving Andrew and Natalie a great foundation and hopefully the kindness, love and generosity that they display today will carry through to their adult lives and shine through the corruption and greed.