Thursday, January 27, 2011

around and around and around...

I know this probably sounds strange, but lately, I've been doing some thinking about the water cycle.  Like really thinking about it.  All of the thinking that's going on may be the result of reading too many kids' books about water, ones like A Drop of Water by Walter Wick, and The Snowflake: A Water Cycle Story by Neil Waldman.

"What other processes in our world are cyclical?"
"Is is truly possible that I could be washing my face with the same water that Abraham Lincoln drank on a hot summer's day?"
"How are the melting glaciers impacting the water cycle?"

This curiosity stirs a desire to research, leading to new discoveries.  Wonder and amazement....and then some new questions...and more curiosity and research and discoveries.

The rumination, or cyclical thinking, about water is in conflict with the other introspection going on up there-that introspection often negative, critical, and fearful.

Can I use curiosity and wonder, among other things, to destroy my default patterns of thought?   

Back to the water cycle, check out Bill Nye the Science Guy's music video.  Don't miss the dancing scuba diver...wish I could move like that! 

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