Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thinking Differently

It's always inspiring to hear about a new technology that has the possibility of making safe water accessible to more people.  Here Michael Pritchard describes his Lifesaver bottle.  I think what I appreciate most about his talk is his urging to think differently about the world's water problems and how to solve them.  We typically think of conventional fixes.  Sometimes, we need to look intently at the problem, study the culture, consider the costs, and summon some creativity.


  1. He seized the moment, like you talked about the other day. Sounds cool! Do you know how much they are?

  2. It looks like the bottles are $160 in the US...and then you can donate one for $99 with a purchase. I'm guessing they must have other options for larger-scale donations too...I should look into this some more...